Maurice DiMarino - The Vine Affair

With 26 years in the service industry, Maurice DiMarino has seen just about everything. But this wine-infused chapter of his life doesn’t really begin until he moved to San Francisco in 1994. During that time, he became passionate about wine and viticulture.

One Sommelier’s Story

DiMarino also had the opportunity to open several landmark restaurants, including Lou’s Pier 47, Foreign Cinema, Alma, and Chez Spencer. As a result, Maurice was able to work closely with sommeliers and renowned chefs. It was their mentorship and experience that fostered Maurice’s passion for epicurean pursuits. Still, more than restaurants and the incredible friendships that grew with time, it was travel that inspired the love for wine that guides him to this day. A dream come true for many, he has visited Europe, Canada, Central and South America, as well as Southeast Asia, and Australia. Throughout his travels, he discovered the power that wine holds in so many cultures around the world. However, it was love and family that brought him to San Diego. He is the proud father of two children, and smiles when he says they are “soon on their way to be sommeliers.”

Today, DiMarino is in charge of the beverage program for the Cohn Restaurant Group. He continues traveling and exploring wine regions, saying that soon he will “be in Italy making a Pinot Grigio for our restaurants.” As if that wasn’t enough, he is also contributor to the San Diego Union Tribune, and writes a quarterly wine column for the Escondido Magazine. He also maintains a blog that emphasizes his strong belief that wine “should be fun and not taken too seriously.”

Di Marino’s vast knowledge and explorer’s instinct makes him a dynamic part of The Vine Affair. We are so pleased to have such a distinguished sommelier with us! He will be available to answer questions, and offer a blind tasting to help discern the nuances in a wine.

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You can follow Maurice DiMarino on Instagram at @maoistao, or check out his blog at

You will also have the opportunity to meet him in person at The Vine Affair 2017. Tickets on sale now.