Tasting Galleries

The Vine Affair is our first annual wine festival, entwined within five tasting galleries in Balboa Park. Each location will house several wineries, food vendors and breweries. Beyond taste and smell, the night will be a feast of the senses. See art within the museums, touch and interact with exhibitions, and hear live music in several locations. Below is a list of the museums taking part.


San Diego Art Institute

The San Diego Art Institute tasting gallery will feature live performance art with eclectic wines and beers.

In reference to the idea of “liquid courage,” and the romantic connotations of wine, The San Diego Art Institute gallery will explore wine’s place in popular culture through live sculpture, participatory performance, and video art.

The gallery will feature video artist, Geoff Pritchard, a native San Diegan, with over three decades of experience producing content for local television news. Geoff continues to be fascinated with the personalities often featured on those segments, and his work explores the role of television and internet as art platforms existing outside more traditional institutions. OUCH OUCH STOP STOP I CAN’T BREATHE provides playable footage of FOX 5 Atlanta News’ Reporter Melissa Sander’s fall during a segment on a Grape Stomping Challenge at Chateau Elan Winery and Resort.

In the participatory performance art area, guests are invited to perform karaoke from catalog comprised solely of songs about wine. 

Tapas &

The Conservancy/The Prado

The Balboa Park Conservancy works to sustain, enhance, and envision the future Balboa Park.  In conjunction with The Prado Restaurant, they will honor Balboa Park’s heritage with a Spanish themed tasting room featuring Spanish wine, paella, tapas, and Spanish guitar.
The Balboa Park Conservancy/The Prado Restaurant tasting gallery will feature Spanish tapas, paella, and Spanish guitar. 

Mid-Century Modern

San Diego Model Railroad Museum

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum features historic railroads from the 50’s and 60’s, and will swing into the mid-century glamour of the era with jazz, retro inspired flavors, and chic mid-century modern design displays for a unique photo booth experience.

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum will feature entertainment with a mid-century modern theme. 

With Us

The San Diego History Center

Schmooze with us! The San Diego History Center showcases the region’s unique, colorful and diverse history with dynamic, changing exhibitions about San Diego – past, present and future. Their current exhibition celebrates The History & Heritage of San Diego’s Jewish Community.

The San Diego History Center tasting gallery will feature, Celebrate San Diego! The History & Heritage of San Diego’s Jewish Community. An exhibition that chronicles the history of San Diego’s Jewish community beginning with pioneers who arrived in 1850 looking for adventure, good weather, better health, and, above all, the opportunity to make the American dream their own, to the thriving community it is today.

Enjoy live entertainment from local klezmer band, Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi. Hot Pstromi’s sound – a fusion of traditional klezmer, new Jewish music, Gypsy, khasidic, world beat and Balkan music noted for long improvisational breaks – is unique and celebrated.


The Fleet Science Center

The game is afoot! The Fleet Science Center will feature a British theme in honor of their current exhibition, Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery.

Enjoy Victorian era London with featured steampunk band called, “The Velveteen Band.” The Velveteen Band is an eclectic musical side show which delivers a wonderland dreamscape, set to capture the imagination and rock you to the core. 


The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Our tax ID# is 20-0857447. Proceeds from this event benefit participating institutions.